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We all at some point in our lives get acne, however with the help of our machine, your skin will be left noticeably clearer. Light will be used to destroy the bacteria that live under the skin and cause Acne, as well as targeting the over active Sebaceous Gland that causes outbreaks of spots. This heating of the skin causes shrinkage of the inflamed Sebaceous Glands and helps to prevent over production of Sebum. Skin may be slightly red after treatment, however this will disappear after a few hours. A course of 4 weekly treatments will be needed to help maintain your fight against Acne.

Getting rid of unwanted hair has never been easier.  No more waxing, tweezing or shaving. Pooja's Boutique offers permanent hair reduction for all skin types. Unwanted hair can cause distress and embarrassment which is why we ensure your individual needs are treated with as much care as possible to ensure the best results. We offer a free consultation and patch test, where we examine your skin and create a tailored service for your specific requirements.

By using gentle pulses of light to create heat, follicles are disabled, preventing future hair growth. Unlike conventional lasers that only emit one fixed wavelength, our machine delivers a broad band of visible wavelengths, also achieving excellent long term results.

We also offer other advanced skin care treatments including:

Treatments can dramatically improve skin tone, texture and can visibly reduce the signs of ageing. Skin will be left a lot firmer and lines and wrinkles are smoothed. This treatment promises to achieve younger looking skin without surgery. 

It uses light over the face which convert into heat energy when it reaches the Collagen in the skin. This stimulates new collagen production and Elastin fibres in the deeper layers of the skin, which improves firmness and overall texture and appearance of the skin without damaging the service. After treatment, the skin may be slightly red, however redness usually disappears after a few hours leaving the skin with a more even tone and tightening of the skin should increase over a 24 hour period building up with each treatment. A course of 6 treatments will be required every 4 weeks. 

Skin Rejouvination

Treatments allow you to revitalise your skin and remove unwanted pigmentation, sun spots and brown spots in the most efficient time. By releasing precise and accurate pulses of light, the pigmented areas absorb the light and are heated and removed. After the treatment, the pigmented area turns darker and flakes off leaving little trace of the original mark. Skin may become red, however redness will disappear within the next few hours. A course of 5 treatments will be needed every 4 weeks. 

Pigmentation Treatment

Thread Vein and Rosacea Treatment 

Acne Treatment 

We can help by getting rid of Thread Veins and Rosacea. By sending very short pulses of light into the skin, it destroys the vein using the heat. The vein shrinks over the following weeks and is reabsorbed by the body. Facial problems such as permanent Red Flushing, Brown Thread veins and Red Spots have proved most successful with this treatment. Skin may be slightly red after the treatment but this disappears after a few hours. A course of 1-5 treatments are require every 3-4 weeks. 

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