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Body Massage

This massage is based on the traditional Indian Ayurvedic system of healing, by providing a deep tissue massage stimulating and improving the scalp and hair condition. The massage covers Head, Face, Upper Back, Shoulders and Arms and has been practised for over a thousand years. Other benefits of this massage include, preventing of migraines, headaches and back pain. Furthermore it helps to prevent sleeplessness, insomnia and relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Indian Head Massasge

Aromatherapy Massage

The use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils, means this massage is great for healing and cosmetic purposes. The massage is perfect for a combination of physical as well as emotional stresses placed on the body from everyday life. This is a deeply relaxing massage that warms and eases tired and aching muscles. We use a select range of fragrances in lotions and inhalants in an effort to affect mood and promote health. Our bespoke massage treatment rooms have been created solely for your comfort and pleasure. 

Our body massage focuses on your individual needs. A free consultation will be used to help determine your requirements. Whether you need to relax, re-energise or sooth aching muscles, these massages will use a combination of techniques that will restore your sense of well being. 

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